weekly workout report — weeks 6+7

I've been behind in my posts so am playing catch up for weeks six and seven. I have plenty of other "life" updates so stay tuned for those posts, plus pictures that show the progress in our yard (what seems to be the never-ending project!). Also, you'll have to forgive me as I am still learning the proper CrossFit lingo and getting used to what my body is doing and what it can do. This type of workout is new to me!


Monday | June 4, 2012
CrossFit intro training day two.
250m Row
10 burpees

Tuesday | June 5, 2012
Walk with Lucy

1.92 miles
26 minutes

Wednesday | June 6, 2012
Walk with Lucy

2.06 miles
30 minutes
3.12 miles
35 minutes

5.18 miles
65 minutes

Thursday | June 7, 2012
No real workout in today (unless walking through airports counts!). The morning was spent packing and cleaning up the house before heading to the airport for our flight to Colorado.

High in the sky on the way to Colorado.


Friday | June 8, 2012
Another day off. A beautiful day of catching up with a dear friend, enjoying the Colorado sunshine outside during the afternoon and a bonfire in the evening. 

Saturday | June 9,  2012
Today we woke up early in order to get to Quandary Peak at a decent time for our "fourteener". The day couldn't have been more perfect for the hike up the peak. In the beginning, I had trouble catching a deep breath but we assumed it was the higher altitude, not to mention climbing the steep incline of the mountain. With our Camelbacks on our backs equipped with plenty of water, we made our way to the top, taking breaks as needed to catch our breath (even if it was only 15 seconds). Luckily (and surprisingly), my phone worked the entire way up so I was able to track our hike on my MapMyRide app. By the time we reached the summit, we had hiked 3.7 miles in 2 hours, 46 minutes and reached 14,265 feet (Keep in mind, Minnesota is only about 900 feet above sea level!). It was such a rush to reach the top! Incredible. The view was breathtaking

The spectacular view of the mountains!

The four of us (+Parker) at the top.

Kim & I. Such a cool experience together!

Our first fourteener success!

Hike up:
3.7 miles
2 hours, 46 minutes
Hike down:
3.7 miles
2 hours

7.4 miles
4 hours, 46 minutes

Sunday | June 10,  2012
Needless to say, our calves and quads were feeling the heat from Saturday's hike. A good hurt, as always. :) Today we traveled back to Minnesota and spent the evening working on the firepit (well, Cory did while I observed). More on that coming soon!

Week's Totals:
Run+Walk | 14.5 miles | 6 hours, 28 minutes
CrossFit | one day


Monday | June 11, 2012
CrossFit intro session day three.
10 Deadlifts (30 lb. + bar)
10 Box Jumps
Leisurely neighborhood bike ride.

Tonight I enjoyed what might be one of the best salads of all time: spinach, strawberries, goat cheese, candied walnuts, and grilled chicken topped with a strawberry balsamic and basil olive oil. De-lish!

Tuesday | June 12, 2012
CrossFit intro session day four.
10 hanging power snatch (20 lb. + bar)
10 wall balls (10 lb.)

Wednesday | June 13, 2012
Rest day. Entire body is sore from CrossFit, but I've been told that is normal even after CrossFitting for months. Soreness becomes an every day thing. But, I'm totally ok with that. It is a good reminder that your body is working and becoming stronger.

Thursday | June 14, 2012
6.33 miles
95 minutes (1 hour, 35 minutes)

My legs were not feeling so hot when I ran so after pushing myself to run off and on for the first 35 minutes, I opted to walk while finishing the movie I was watching (Everybody's Fine). 

Friday | June 15, 2012
CrossFit intro session day five.
400m Run
21 Kettlebell Swings
12 Pull-Ups (jumping)

Everything about this WOD was brutal. The run was exceptionally challenging for me for some reason. And the first kettlebell swing after each 400m run nearly threw me through the wall!

Saturday+Sunday | June 16-17, 2012
Rest days. With my parents in town for the weekend, we spend time with them which was very enjoyable, as always! We love having the company. Saturday was my mom's 58th birthday! She spent it helping me out with a photo shoot, St. Paul Farmer's Market, shopping, lunch with the husbands, and much-needed pedicures!

Sunday was Father's Day so I spent the day with my dad and family again (Happy Father's Day, Dad!!). We enjoyed picking out some plants at Gertens despite the rain before going to Prescott for some drinks and dinner. 
Happy Birthday, Momasita!

St. Paul Farmer's Market.

Week's Totals:
Run+Walk | 7.08 miles | 1 hour, 45 minutes
CrossFit | 3 days


weekly workout report — week 5

Another week complete! And a friendly reminder that...

Monday | May 28, 2012
3.25 miles
35 minutes
(25 minute run with 10 minute warm-up/cool down)

Dinner: Burgers on the grill!

Tuesday | May 29, 2012
Walk with Lucy
2.87 miles
42 minutes

Dinner: Quinoa mac+cheese, carrots, and zucchini. (Speaking of quinoa, did anybody else watch the Bachelorette last night and hear how the one dude pronounced it?? Keen-O-ah. I thought it was pretty funny.)

Wednesday | May 30, 2012
5.35 miles
62 minutes
(35 minute run + 27 minute walk)
Walk with Lucy
1.36 miles
21 minutes

Dinner: Homemade spaghetti. 

Thursday | May 31, 2012
3.77 miles
45 minutes

Dinner: Grilled at friends' house after a fantastic photo shoot. (Check out the session here.)

Friday | June 1, 2012
Guess what! A decision has been made... Cory and I are officially signed up for CrossFit! Crossing fingers for some major progress and noticeable results by the end of summer. :) Today was our first intro training session. We started out learning proper form for things like squats and deadlifts. After our learning session, we did the WOD..

1/2 Cindy (10 minutes)
AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 squats

Final: 8+3 push-ups (8 rounds, plus 5 pull-ups and 3 push-ups)

My arms were shaking uncontrollably by the end, however I rocked the squats and flew through them without a problem. The rest of the day and the day after, my arms felt like they weighed 85 pounds each, making it difficult to hold my arms up to do things like blow my nose or put on make-up! 

Dinner: Tonight we had family over to grill. Can't get enough of the grilling and it's only the beginning of June. Love it! 

Saturday+Sunday | June 2-3, 2012
Shame on me, I did not get in any workouts all weekend. A few different friends stopped by on Saturday afternoon and when I had some alone time, I just didn't feel like working out. Instead, I worked on some client photos, did a blog post, and read. On Sunday we had our niece and nephew's piano recital in the afternoon and the rest of the day consisted of relaxing with cousins, dinner and ice cream.

Week's Totals:
Run+Walk | 16.6 miles | 3 hours, 42 minutes

This week we have two more CrossFit training sessions before heading to Colorado to visit a dear friend. I hope to get in a couple walks/runs before leaving and some good mountain hikes while we are there!


weekly workout report | week 4

Monday | May 21, 2012
As my sister mentioned in her blog post, tonight could not have been more gorgeous and perfect for a bike ride. So, when Cory got home from work, he and I (and another friend who just bought a road bike) hit the road. I was totally disappointed when I realized my phone was down to 20% battery, knowing my MapMyRide tracker probably wouldn't finish because of a dead phone. I was right (died at mile 14), but luckily the friend who came with had me put her phone in my bike bag (for lack of a better word) so I got my full stats from hers since it was with me! It was such an awesome ride. I don't know if it was because I felt that much better [than the last ride] or because I wasn't trying to catch up to Cory the entire ride like I usually am. (Since we had a newbie with us, Cory wasn't kicking butt.) But I felt like I could have ridden another 22 miles. Love when that happens! For the second real ride of the season, not too shabby.

22.2 miles
1 hour, 35 minutes

Dinner: Turkey, spinach, avocado, provolone sandwich with a side of cooked zucchini.

Seeing hot hair balloons will forever be fascinating. Perhaps we'll see the view from one some day!?

Tuesday | May 22, 2012
Today I hit the treadmill for a quick run.

3.04 miles
(25 min. run | 10 minute warm-up/cool down)
35 minutes
.79 mile walk with Lucy
13 minutes

Dinner: Sushi. And it was delicious! Our go-to order: One California Roll (this is our "palette cleanser"), one Winter Roll, one Negihama (yellowtail and scallions, so good!! My favorite.), one Hamachi Sashimi (for me, another favorite), one Hamachi Nigiri (for him). 

Wednesday | May 23, 2012
Another treadmill day. I know a lot of people hate and dread the treadmill (or dreadmill as my sis calls it!), but I have really been enjoying it. It's in our basement so it's nice and cool, plus we have a giant TV down there so I watch movies while I run. I get engrossed in the movie which makes the time fly by. And I also just love to walk on the treadmill and watch movies. It's so effortless. As much as I enjoy it, I want to get used to running outside again too because you can't really go wrong with that either. :)

5.14 miles
(30 minute run | 30 minute walk)
60 minutes

Dinner: Grilled mango curry chicken, sweet corn and sweet potato fries (homemade in the oven)

Thursday | May 24, 2012
With the rain, I hit the treadmill again today. 

5.15 miles
(35 minute run | 25 minute walk)
60 minutes

Dinner: Baked herb salmon, asparagus and cooked carrots.

Friday | May 25, 2012
I slacked today as I was engrossed in a book (50 Shades of Grey—more on that later). I could not put it down and even missed dinner because of it. Finally, at about 8:30p, I brought Lucy for a walk around the block. Yes, this is how I spend my Friday night at the ripe, old age of 29, when my husband is working. :)

.78 miles
11 minutes
(not sure this can even count!)

Dinner: Like I said, didn't really make anything. Just random stuff and then a chocolate DQ shake on my way home from Target! Yum.

Saturday | May 26, 2012
I squeezed in a walk with Lucy in the morning before the down pouring ran hit, and before I had to help with my neighbor-friend, Michelle's, wedding. (I did her make-up and also laced up and bustled her dress)

2.52 miles
36 minutes

Dinner: Wedding meal, drinks, and a delicious cupcake. :)

My handsome wedding date & I. :)

We went across the street to the St. Paul Hotel/Grill for a cocktail after the ceremony.

[a blurry] View from above at the Landmark Center.

Wedding Reception | Landmark Center

Sunday | May 27, 2012
Slacked off again. :(

Dinner: Turkey burgers sans bun, grilled asparagus, mushrooms and sweet corn. 

Week's Totals
Run+Walk | 17.42 miles | 3 hours, 36 minutes
Bike | 22.2 miles | 1 hour, 35 minutes

Less time this week, but more running than last week. This week I hope to log more miles of both running and walking and also hope to get on my bike more than once!